Medium Voltage Drives fail at the worst times. Don’t let yours fail.

Drive failures result in emergency service calls, extended downtime, lost productivity, and lost revenue. The typical Medium Voltage VFD service call costs between $7000 – $75,000!

With DriveScan you can:

  Reduce your down time

  Decrease your operating costs

  Know about issues before they cause failures

  Faster, safer, reliable real-time testing

  Track your drive health

Medium Voltage Drive Remote Monitoring with DriveScan
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prevent medium voltage drive failures

Remotely Monitor Your Variable Frequency Drives and Put an End to Costly, Disruptive Failures

Traditional medium voltage drive monitoring does little to prevent drive failures. With DriveScan your drives are monitored, usage trends are documented, and predictive analytics warn you of pending failures so you can stop them before they happen.

EMA, in a partnership with Powerside, has developed a fully integrated, remote monitoring solution for medium voltage drives. Powerside has long been established as leaders in power quality and conditioning, which makes for a perfect marriage with EMA, the world-wide leader in medium voltage drive service. We bring over 50 years of combined experience to the development of this product. The product, DriveScan, remotely monitors many aspects of your medium voltage VFD, providing invaluable real-time data to lower downtime and operating costs. DriveScan models the behavior of the voltage, current, DC bus, and low voltage power supplies associated with your medium voltage drive. It uses these models to predict failure with algorithms built into the DriveScan’s local and cloud-based monitoring system. In essence DriveScan is a virtual service engineer, one who never sleeps and works 24/7.

remote monitoring drivs gives you peace of mind

Medium Voltage Drive Remote Monitoring with DriveScan offers you peace of mind. Read more about it in EMA’s blog post.

get better data on your medium voltage drives

Traditional Monitoring of Medium Voltage Drives Just Isn't Good Enough

Reliability Engineers and others in your organization rightly question whether more could be done to prevent and mitigate surprise failures and their consequences

Until now, little could be done about this problem. With DriveScan, you can save yourself a lot of headaches, time, and money with a new method using a remote monitoring solution.

Traditional Drive Monitoring – Reactive

  • Reacts to failures AFTER they’ve occurred
  • Relies on a medium voltage VFD expert’s onsite diagnosis to interpret cause based on their experience and after-the-fact information
  • Doesn’t provide comprehensive drive or power diagnostics
  • Doesn’t trend or document VFD data for predictive and preventative maintenance 
  • Doesn’t capture event signatures to accelerate root cause analysis 

Traditional Preventative Maintenance Shortcomings

  • Preventative maintenance is an annual snapshot, not a real-time oversight solution
  • Doesn’t detect transient or evolving faults
  • Results in premature parts replacement
proactive medium voltage drive monitoring

Be proactive. Compare traditional medium voltage drive monitoring methods to remote monitoring leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Full Image

repair medium voltage drives faster with drivescan

Recover Faster with Real-Time, Continuous, Remote Asset Management of your Medium Voltage Drives

Continuous, in-depth monitoring and asset management overcomes the limitations of onsite, after-the-fact analysis

  • Remotely detect intermittent and evolving issues under load
  • Asset managers can oversee their entire VFD group in real-time
  • Accelerates root-cause analysis and recovery
  • Reduces preventative maintenance frequency and cost
  • Trends and alerts to maximize uptime
  • Optimizes parts replacement timing


The DriveScan medium voltage VFD remote monitoring system continuously captures critical drive and utility health indicators for your entire drive group, 24/7, for faster event detection and recovery.

Comprehensive sensors:

  • Utility power quality, load, input, DC bus, and output
  • Environmental: temperature, humidity, vibration, shock
  • Reporting: alerts, event snapshots, live data, trends

Powerful cloud software:

  • Scalable dashboard and individual drive drill-down
  • Comprehensive power, power quality and VFD health indicators

Added-value partnership:

  • Teamed with EMA, the foremost experts in Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives
  • Over 50,000 monitoring solutions deployed in high-value applications

Remote monitoring is the wave of the future: don’t be left behind. Let DriveScan and the experts at EMA monitor your medium voltage VFDs for you, allowing you to do your job more effectively.

rest easy with remote monitoring

In the event of a medium voltage drive failure, you can greatly reduce time wasters and headaches associated with getting it repaired and back online. Read more about it in EMA’s blog post.

remote monitoring saves repair time

Medium Voltage Drives with DriveScan installed will get back up and running much faster than those without. View comparison chart.

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Get DriveScan to Save Time, Save Money, and End Your Frustrations with Medium Voltage Drives

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Our expert technicians will talk with you about your unique needs and provide you with a custom proposal for installing and using DriveScan to remotely monitor your medium voltage drives. If you are not able to call right now, please send us a message and one of our experts will coordinate with you to schedule a time for a conversation.

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